Courage by Bambi Rakhel Ward, 2003

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This website aims to inspire and nourish the soul of seekers who are yearning for a deep and meaningful connection to Judaism.

By learning mystical interpretations of Torah and Jewish festivals you can apply these teachings in your everyday life so you can live a more joyous and meaningful life.

Rakhel has started a new blog which can be found here. You may find this post about Crypto-Jews of particular interest.

Torah Classes for the Soul

Rakhel regularly gives drashot on the 4th shabbat morning of most months at “Service for the Soul”, held in a private home.

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Free recordings of past classes given by Dr Bambi Rakhel Ward and Deborah Masel z”l are available in the members area – Sign up to the members area by clicking here.

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Some of Deborah Masel’s Torah study classes were recorded over the years. Doug Hermann has given me access to these recordings, as well as several recorded sessions with Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman. The following people were involved in making these recordings available, so I wish to acknowledge them.

Ittay Flescher
Rabbi Ralph Genende
Doug Hermann
Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman
Laurine Kark
Deborah Masel z”l
Carmella Rose
Bambi Rakhel Ward
Michael Ward

Helen Wolfers kindly gave permission for the recording of Debbie’s funeral service to be made available in the member’s only area.

Please refer to the “About” page for more information about the class teachers.